Why no interest in exporting from the East Midlands?

I am amazed that we have had very little interest from members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in an excellent one day seminar that we have arranged in liaison with UK Trade and Investment in the East Midlands.

The event, entitled “Take it to the world – the power of exporting” will be held at Loughborough University on 10 June 2009. It will have several high profile speakers and a range of practical workshops to help newcomers and old hands to improve their companies’ exporting activities.  I feel that this is topical, as the pound is quite low and several counties, especially those in Central Europe are not suffereing the same declines in their economies as the counties of Western Europe.

I will have another go at promoting this excellent event to members of the CIM in the East and West Midlands, but perhaps UK Marketing people are just not interested in developing their skills and knowledge in the frield of export marketing and business development!

Copyright ©2009 Nigel Adams