Entrepreneurship in Difficult Times

Recently I have given a couple of talks on “Entrepreneurship in Difficult Times” and I am now more convinced that young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs will be the people who will help us to defeat this recession.

Why? Well this recession has not just been caused by the bankers, but by a “state of mind”. Commerce needs confidence, without it we can see what happens to the world’s economy.

Most of the young entrepreneurs that I meet are “brimming over” with confidence. Some observers, those with “half empty glasses”, say that this just leads to disasters. I join those with “half full glasses” and welcome youthful enthusiasm and new ideas, especially in these difficult times.

There are many reasons why a recession (depression?) is a good time to start a new business, see http://bizfinance.about.com/od/startyourownbusiness/a/startup_in_recession.htm
It also is interesting to note the number of successful businesses that started in recessions, e.g. Disney Corporation (1923), Hewlett- Packard (1938) and Microsoft (1975).

So, help to defeat the recession, support and encourage new businesses that are being started by young people and see what happens.