Why not export to a country that is not affected by the credit crunch?

With all the bad news about the UK economy, I am surprised that the Export Managers of British companies have not considered opportunities in Poland.

Unlike Britain, the Polish economy is booming and since 2004 the Polish Zloy has increased in value against the Pound Sterling by about 40%. The Zloty is 20% more valuable this year compared with last.

This combination of a booming economy and a major reduction in the cost of British products and services means that theer are now great opportunities for British exporters.

Has this resulted in a boom in British exports? Sadly no, in fact according to the British Polish Chamber of Commerce, in the first two month of 2008 British exports to Poland only increased by 1.7%, whereas Polish exports to UK increased by 12.8%.

If you are an Export Manager and you would like to get more information about the export opportunites that exist in Poland, please contact me (na@nigeladams.com).