As you can see, I have been recommended by my clients:

“We’ve invested heavily in Nigel’s advice and for us, it has paid dividends. I can’t praise his efforts enough, frankly I don’t think you’ll find a harder-working or more enthusiastic guy to help you.“ Mr Melvyn Earle, Managing Director of Craftsman Publishing Ltd UK and Poland.

“Nigel I know well from Poland. Energetic and well known in the marketing field, Nigel has wide experience of former TPUK offices, chambers, agencies and is a marketing expert who did much productive work for Commercial Section in Poland.” Mr Howard Lattin-Rawstrone, the former First Secretary Commercial at the British Embassy in Warsaw.

“Nigel, let me say, you are the best.” Mr Piotr Grabowicz, President of MC Kontrakty Budowlane Sp.z o.o. of Lodz, Poland.

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