Long term practical experience

I started developing my knowledge of business in Central and Eastern Europe in 1972 as an export and countertrade manager with Massey Ferguson and then with Cargill SA.

I was recruited by British Government’s Know How Fund in 1993 and lived in Poland for 9 years, advising and working with the senior management of many Polish companies during their restructuring, prior to privatisation.

Based in a Polish regional bank and its investment fund in Lodz, the work was one of the British Government’s Enterprise Restructuring Projects (ERP). The ERP in Lodz resulted in the successful privatisation of companies in the Polish bank’s Investment Fund portfolio.

Since 1999. I have provided strategic and practical advice and support to companies, enabling them to successfully establish subsidiary businesses in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

As a result of my business development work, one of my clients (Beck & Pollitzer Engineering Ltd) won contracts to the value of more than £1.5 million within 18 months of establishing businesses in Central Europe. This client also won a UK government award for Export ‘Trailblazing’.

case study on my work advising and assisting the management of Beck & Pollitzer Engineering Ltd to establish and develop their business in Poland was published in a special issue of the “European Journal of Marketing” in Spring 2007, (Volume 41, Issue 3/4)

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