Helping to create a “Flipped Classroom” using Mashhop

Just before this year’s International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference in Plymouth in September, Matthew Draycott (@DraycottMC) circulated a few of us about an idea he had to work together to develop an on-line resource that would be available to all Enterprise Educators who contributed to it. You can read about Matt’s idea on his blog here.

You will have seen that those of us who are “on board” need to produce a 20 minute lecture on a suitable topic. I had been think about having a go at videoing my lectures and so Matt’s timing was excellent.

This term, in addition to my responsibilites as Programme Director BSc Business Enterprise, I also teach International Marketing (IM) to Business & Management and Economics students at the University of Buckingham, so I thought I would arrange for one of my IM lectures to be videoed by the students who run the university’s on-line TV station (Buckingham News).

Last week the video team students appeared in the Radcliffe Centre at 9:00am and although they had a sound problem at the start, they managed to video my lecture. I had warned the students taking IM that they would probably be videoed, as it was important to get students’ reactions to my lecture, as well as just see and hear me.

The best reaction I received was from two of the students who had studied Entrepreneurship with me in the Spring Term, They thought it was a great idea for me to have my lectures videoed, as they had agreed after my Entrepreneurship lectures that “Nigel should be on TV!”

If you are interested in seeing how Matt’s project develops, then have a look at the specially developed Mashhop website. If you would like to be involved in this project, please contact me.