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If you visit my website and read my blog postings, you will have seen that until last month, though they weren’t frequent, my postings were at least regular, at the end of each month.

Not good for a blogger, you might think? How would I get on in the Google ratings? Well, according to a blogging seminar I attended, “regularity” in blogging is as important to the Google “spiders”, as “frequency” in blogging!

I therefore try to write my blog regularly at the end of each month, so why did I fail last month? I am pleased to say it was due to pressure of work. This is because both my Nigel Adams & Company Ltd work and university activities have “taken off”.

Although there is a “credit crunch” and even Alastair Darling is forecasting “woe and doom” for the British economy, the need for my services continues to grow.

One of the reasons must be that, apart from Hungary, the economies of Central and Eastern Europe have not been negatively affected by the situation in UK or USA. Economic growth…

Author: Professor Nigel Adams

Nigel is a Professor & the first Director of the Buckingham Enterprise & Innovation Unit ( in the Vinson Building at the University of Buckingham He also advises and mentors undergraduate students taking the innovative two year (8 terms) BSc in Business Enterprise in which they must start a real business as an integral part of their honours degree. Nigel also mentors postgraduate students.. BBE one of only a few similar honours degree programmes in the world which offer undergraduate students the opportunity to study for a degree in Business Enterprise, whilst also starting & developing a business. These types of degree are called Venture Creation Programmes ( , Within 4 months of starting the programme students must pitch for seed-corn capital from "Buckingham Angels". Nigel also advises and Mentors other university students and staff and local people who want to start business or grow their businesses. Between 2002 and 2011, Nigel was Managing Director of Nigel Adams & Company Ltd, providing business, management, international marketing, recruitment and other support and advice to the management of Western companies to help them establish business operations in Central & Eastern Europe & to improve their sales. Nigel is an experienced international business adviser with more than 40 years experience in business, enterprise, management, marketing & counter-trade. He was based in Poland from 1993 until 2002, working on Polish state company restructuring projects as a British Government Know How Fund Management Adviser. Nigel is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and a Chartered Marketer.

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