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by Nigel on Sunday, August 31, 2008 8:23 AM

If you visit my website and read my blog postings, you will have seen that until last month, though they weren't frequent, my postings were at least regular, at the end of each month.

Not good for a blogger, you might think? How would I get on in the Google ratings? Well, according to a blogging seminar I attended, "regularity" in blogging is as important to the Google "spiders", as "frequency" in blogging!

I therefore try to write my blog regularly at the end of each month, so why did I fail last month? I am pleased to say it was due to pressure of work. This is because both my Nigel Adams & Company Ltd work and university activities have "taken off".

Although there is a "credit crunch" and even Alastair Darling is forecasting "woe and doom" for the British economy, the need for my services continues to grow.

One of the reasons must be that, apart from Hungary, the economies of Central and Eastern Europe have not been negatively affected by the situation in UK or USA. Economic growth in the region continues at between 5% and 8% per annum.

In fact, the recession in UK and the strength of the Polish Zlotych and economy have encouraged a large number of Poles to return home from UK, providing a more skilled labour force for their expanding economy.

Have you thought how your business might profit by expanding into Central and Eastern Europe?


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